Mission: to offer the unique potential of web 3.0 to the corporate and business world in a simple and intuitive way. For your customers too.

Blockchain, NFT and Tokens finally possible.

tech consulting

Bluelime know-how at your disposal to analyse, implement or design ideas and projects together.


Web3 developers, frontend and backend, in total synergy for full stack custom or made in Bluelime solutions.

IT / Support

Scalable leasing VPS solutions with 24/7 support directly from the Bluelime team.

Bluelime was created with the intention of making the integration of web 3.0 solutions accessible in a world still all about 2.0. The future is hybrid and user friendly.

A DNA consisting of transversal and complementary skills: smart contracts, blockchain, NFT and tokenomics, as well as integrations via APIs and custom developments, both backend and frontend.

Each member of the Bluelime team enhances his or her skills with acquired know-how that makes it possible to find the most effective solution for each project, as well as a marked capacity for problem solving, a trademark of Bluelime products and services.

A fast-growing market, full of opportunities to get to know and implement.


modular and scalable, suitable for every type of business.

Tech consulting

Analysis and technical consulting to support ideas and projects, whether full web3 or hybrid.


Design and development of functionalities aimed at writing and interpreting data on blockchain, both public (Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana, etc.) and private (ever heard of Proof of Authority?).


Design and programming of smart contracts aimed at delivering tokens, whether fungible or non-fungible.


Design and development of stand-alone decentralised applications or integrated into existing Web 2.0 environments. Some examples: NFT readers for digital or real local access, minting of collections, redeeming physical objects via NFT redemption.

Web3 hybrid solutions

Coding of web3 solutions within existing web2 projects. NFT in giveaways or a custom marketplace? You are in the right place.

Cyber Security

Analysis and design of Cyber Security solutions for decentralised or hybrid web applications.


The tailor-made metaverse exclusively for your brand.


original Bluelime, customised for you.


A compatible EVM blockchain designed for the corporate world; exploit the potential of web 3.0 without giving up your ecosystem. API ready.


SaaS NFT marketplace for the independent creation and sale of NFTs. All with standard or customised smart contracts according to your needs.


One-click login via wallet, for both new and existing projects. True “digital identity” immediately available. Not your wallet, not your identity.


Designing and developing concrete, advanced functionalities for NFT is no longer a mystery. We use ownership to give value to your ideas and your customers.

Tokenomics applied to loyalty, rewards or benefit systems? Yes, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Endless applications with concrete, tailor-made analysis and assessment.

Oh, finally.
A 100% made-in-Italy software house capable of developing web3.

Our trademarks?

Clear and clean coding, no chatter.

Pragmatists! Clear, unobstructed solutions.

Research and development H24. Web3 in overflow!


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